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Ephemeral New York

When megabucks lawyer Isaac L. Rice built his four-story Georgian-Beaux Arts residence (below, in a NYPL photo) there in 1903, Riverside Drive was supposed to eclipse Fifth Avenue as the city’s most luxurious place to live.

That didn’t quite happen, though Riverside Drive certainly had its share of opulent homes—especially the 30 or so free-standing mansions that used to line the street.

Today, only two remain. One is the Rice mansion on 89th Street, across from the Soldiers and Sailors monument overlooking the Hudson River.

Called Villa Julia after Rice’s wife, the red brick, white marble mansion was spectacular in its day.

The entrance, on 89th Street, featured a two-story stone arch, and the grounds had a reflecting pool and colannaded garden.

Inside, Rice built himself a chess room—he was an avid fan of the game.

The Rices didn’t live there very long. They decamped in 1907 for the new…

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Travels on a Small Island

Before the central government decided it had strategic value and annexed it 1879, Okinawa had its own local culture – the Ryukyu Kingdom. The seat of the kingdom is Shuri Castle in Naha, now the capital of Okinawa, which was originally built in the 1300s but completely destroyed in WWII. The buildings here are a reconstruction built in 1992 but they did a very good job of it and you get a splendid sense of the uniqueness of Ryukyu culture.

The approach to the front gate:

The main gate to the castle, Shureimon:

Stairs leading up to the main castle entrance give some idea of the power that the kingdom once held as a main point on the trade routes between China, Korea and Japan:

There are wonderful views from the castle out over Naha city to the ocean in the distance:

The main hall of Shuri Castle:

The throne…

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Aquaworld Cancun

Si te vas a casar en Cancún, Aquaworld tiene la perfecta opción para hacer tu boda soñada en el Caribe. Celebra tu boda con nosotros abordo de nuestro crucero al atardecer, El Cancun Queen.

If you’re getting married in Cancun, Aquaworld has the perfect option to make your dream Caribbean wedding.  Celebrate your Cancun wedding with us aboard the Cancun Queen sunset cruise.

A romantic dream wedding in Cancun could be yours!

Congratulations to Aquaworld’s most recent newleyweds Nina and Victor.  We were pleased to host their wedding party last Friday aboard our Cancun Queen Mississippi style paddle boat

A picture perfect sunset, tasty food, great music and Cancun’s hotelzone at it’s most scenic is all that is needed to celebrate one of the most important days of your life.
Felicitaciones a los novios más reciente de Aquaworld,  Nina y Victor.   Nos complace en  haber sido  el anfitrión de su…

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While I love the chirping birds, budding trees and blooming flowers, it’s the food that excites me most about spring.

Move out heavy winter food – you’ve helped thicken my waistline for far too long!

It’s time for the bright, fresh dishes of spring!

I dream of roasted asparagus with lemony hollandaise, poached eggs

…and maybe even some grilled lamb kebabs with a minty yogurt dipping sauce.

Mmm…the flavors of spring have returned!

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Edit: Mèo Xám


C15_ GẶP NẠN NƠI RỪNG GIÀ ( thượng)

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Mae's Beauty

As I mentioned in my “No Place like Chrome” mani post, I was not a fan of the new Essie Metallics collection. I was in love with the colors and the overall result, but when I went to go use it, there were just so many imperfections that I couldn’t overlook. As I have said before, this happens with all pearlized and metallic colors for the most part. Maybe it’s because it’s so shiny it’s so much easier to see the flaws, and honestly I don’t know what I expected knowing what I knew ahead of time. In any event I made a plan to use this as either an accent, or a nail art color and in this post I did just that.

I used “Essie – Penny Talk” with “China Glaze – Sexy in the City overtop” I liked this much better! I really like how “Sexy in the city” has like a…

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