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October 20, 2012

Aquaworld Cancun

Si te vas a casar en Cancún, Aquaworld tiene la perfecta opción para hacer tu boda soñada en el Caribe. Celebra tu boda con nosotros abordo de nuestro crucero al atardecer, El Cancun Queen.

If you’re getting married in Cancun, Aquaworld has the perfect option to make your dream Caribbean wedding.  Celebrate your Cancun wedding with us aboard the Cancun Queen sunset cruise.

A romantic dream wedding in Cancun could be yours!

Congratulations to Aquaworld’s most recent newleyweds Nina and Victor.  We were pleased to host their wedding party last Friday aboard our Cancun Queen Mississippi style paddle boat

A picture perfect sunset, tasty food, great music and Cancun’s hotelzone at it’s most scenic is all that is needed to celebrate one of the most important days of your life.
Felicitaciones a los novios más reciente de Aquaworld,  Nina y Victor.   Nos complace en  haber sido  el anfitrión de su…

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